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At CrossFit Power Station we train ordinary individuals and help them become extra-ordinary. Our objective is the longevity of true fitness, not just the short term appearance of fitness. We offer programmes for athletes of all ages and levels of fitness that are based on sound research, extensive training, traditional methods of exercising, our own innovations and member feedback. We use diverse paths to reach varied, individual objectives. Our methods improve strength, endurance, flexibility and conditioning.

CrossFit Power Station is not like other gyms. There are no machines, no chairs to rest on and definitely no “look at me” members. Training is in small groups so that every member gets individualised attention and can plan their exercise to a timetable. 

All our athletes are dedicated to our style of meaningful training – we provide an environment where everyone can push harder and achieve more. 

CrossFit Power Station is about an utter commitment to the task in hand. Challenging ourselves and experiencing pain is part of that dedication. There are no short cuts or excuses. Just hard work and results!!


CrossFit Power Station Trainers & Personal Coaches

We have a large number of Trainers and Intern Trainers. Feel free to chat and ask us questions! Many of us are also available for Personal Training sessions - click on the Trainer's name to get some background info and contact details.


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